Yakutsk is a Russian port city , Capital city of Yakutia, Sakha republic, located in Siberia.


Yakutsk is the coldest city on earth. Winter temperatures hover around -40°C to -45°C.


River will become frozen, villager walk on the frozen river.


Yakutsk (on the Lena River) in the Russian Far North is a foggy, smoggy, city of 200,000 built around some of the world’s largest reserves of diamonds, gold and oil.



Yakutsk is the capital of Sakha and only large city in the world built on top of permafrost.


In this Siberian, cars have to be left running ,sometimes overnight, so the mechanics don’t freeze up.


If did not keep cars running outside then they had to keep the car in a heated garage to avoid the car breaking down.


A bus stop at Yakutsk.


The other very interesting challenges in this freezing weather is people with glasses. Eye glasses are known to freeze to faces and glass get frozen easily as the steam from nose and mouth.


Most people spent as little time as possible outdoors in order to avoid the frigid temperatures


In regions of permafrost, buildings must be constructed on pilings, machinery must be made of specially tempered steel, and transportation systems must be engineered to perform reliably in extremely low and extremely high temperatures.



Waiting public transport in a freezing temperature.



Yakutiya-Sakha republic is about nine times the land area of Germany, with a population of 1 million.


Warmth and comfort take priority over fashion chic as local women, dressed head-to-toe in furs.




People in Yakutsk don’t often eat many vegetables and fruits because due to the harsh climate not many types of fruits or vegetables can grow there, but there are some types of berries, leaf plants and root vegetables that grow in the nature.DSC00959-Edit