The Outdoor Fish Market on Yakutsk. Where the temperatures in winter between -40 °C to -48 °C.

A market selling frozen fish, pork, shrimp, rabbit, beef and horse meat and also some berries.

The Most well known delicacy is Stroganina – thin long slices of frozen fresh river fish which is eaten frozen during the wintertime, and usually served with vodka.

He show us the frozern rabbit.

Most of them spends eight hours every day standing at her stall in the fish market with frozen temperatures.

People in Yakutsk don’t often eat many vegetables and fruits. due to the harsh climate, not many types of fruits or vegetables can grow there, but there are some types of berries, leaf plants and root vegetables that grow in the nature.

Their diets consist mainly of reindeer meat, horse meat, fish, and milk from their farm animals.

Most of the fish and animal are fresh.


Indoor market selling cooking ingredient, bread, spices, oil.

Indoor market selling fresh fruits.