Teh Han Lin is an IT professional by day and a passionate travel documentary photographer who captures the essence of almost extinct cultures. He has travelled to some of the most remote and challenging places on earth, including the coldest inhabited village on earth, Oymyakon, the Everest Base Camp, and the Dani tribe of Wamena, West Papua, Indonesia. He also documented the last tattooed face women of the Chin tribe in Mindat, Myanmar. Despite pandemic restrictions, he travelled to 8 European countries and explored 18 cities in 128 days.

His documentation of the Dani tribe, life in Oymyakon and the last tattooed face women of the Chin tribe was featured in prestigious publications such as BBC, National Geographic, The Sun, Metro.co.uk, and other news outlets. With a combination of technical expertise and artistic flair, Han Lin’s work is a window into the fascinating world of different cultures, inspiring others to explore, learn, and appreciate the beauty of our diverse planet.