The Valley is famous the “Apatanis”, as fondly referred to the people belonging to the oldest tribe of this North-East Indian state have been inhabiting the region for past many centuries and are acknowledged worldwide especially for their women adorning massive nose rings and huge dark facial tattoos that cover their forehead, nose, and chin.

Apatani’s tribe is a tribal group of people living in the Ziro valley in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India.

Apatani tribe is famous for its women adorning massive nose rings and huge dark facial tattoos that cover their forehead, nose, and chin.

Ziro is home to the tribal group called the Apatanis which is one amongst the very few tribes in the world that worship nature (Sun & Moon).

Hidden in the rain-forests of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India lies the village of Ziro, home to the Apatanis.

Inside Apatani’s traditional house, made of wood and bamboo.

The open wood fire that burns almost continuosly occupies a place of pride in the Apatani’s house and is used not only for cooking but also for warmth in winter.

Myoko Festival

Myoko is a celebration of friendship and harmony between various Apatani villages

We are invited by the Apatani’s tribe to have a lunch at their house.
The food of the apatani tribe consists of organic boiled vegetables, pork, fish or eggs and in general they don’t use spices for their traditional food, they only use red chilies or green chilies in every meal.

The nose plugs are called Yaping Hullo. They are made from wood found in the forest. It is believed that the practice was historically done to all adult Apatani women in a bid to deter tribal raiders. Each time the tribe was attacked, their women would be kidnapped and never seen again.

The Apatani leader decided that the most beautiful woman should have large circular nose plugs, known as Yaping Hurlo, placed into the sides of their nose

The nose plugs and facial tattoo custom in this tribe are slowly being consigned to history. This age-old tradition was observed until the 1970s when the government imposed a ban on the nose plugs incisions.

It is said that women of this tribe are extremely pretty and used to be abducted by men of neighbouring tribes for their beauty.

In order to stop this from happening, the elders decided to start tattooing the faces of the women and inserting nose plugs from a very young age to make them look less appealing.